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Sunday, September 29, 2013

New from Digital Scrap Freebies

Hi Everyone,

Last update for this weekend from my site...

I've just added a new Mini Scrap Kit - Power of Pink - You can find it here:

And 2 sets of Frames (Gold and Wood)

Also, our friend Kaz from Karen's Scrap and Graphics has decided to allow me to share some of her past Freebies on Digital Scrap Freebies site!!!  Yippee!  

Sometime this month, I will be adding her goodies on a separate page.  I will post here to let you know when the new goodies are available to you!

I hope you guys are enjoying all of the Fabulous Freebies the Lazyacres Gang finds for you out on the web!

Hugs to all of our fellow PSP'ers!


New from Sweetpoison67!

Poser Tubes:

Octoberfest Heidi -

Pumpkin Girl -

New from Sandy's Design!

FTU Scrap Kit

Kitty Cat -

Hamleta -

New from Raspberry Road!

Cluster Frames:


Paper & Mask:

New from Louise's Dreams!

Poser Tubes:

Fall -

Atheria/Vicki 1 & 2 -

New from Lady Dragus

PTU tut:

Gimmie your bones Teddy Bear:

Wrapped in Chocolate -

Tag Template:

Bones and more Bones:

Halloween -

Cluster Frames:

New from KleinHexe

Poser tubes:

New from Funky Sweet Designs!

PTU Tut:

Peek-Boo -

Cherry Toppin' -

Zombie are Sexy -

Boobylicious -

Sexy Geek  -

In the Rabbit Hole -

New from Fantastically Free Blog Train!

New Blogtrain:  Gothic Princess

New from Elves of Rosegarden!

Poser tubes:

Sweet Halloween:

Christmas Elves:


Scrap Kit:

Dark Gothic:

Autumn Paper:

New from Dolphin's Den!

PTU tut:

Spooky Fun -

NEW BLOG ADDITION - Dusk to Dawn Blogtrain!

Choo Choo!  Another Blogtrain in the train station!

Vintage Vixen:

Furred, Feathered and Finned:

New from LK

Scrap Kits:

Vintage Vixen:

Facebook Cover:

CU Word Art:


New from Denise

There's a new scrap kit called Almost Fall posted on Denise's site:

New from Dangerously Delicious

Tag Templates:

Halloween Treat:

Halloween Ghoul:

Halloween Gruesome:

October Calendar:



New from Creation by Sanie!

Cluster Frame:

New from Cindy's Tag and Tutorials


Happy Halloween:

Tag Tut:

Happy Halloween:

New Posers from Cewilja

***Remember that when you click the "shop" button, it takes you to her download pages.  These are Freebies and not PTU.




New from Candy's Treats Tutorials

FTU Tut:

Pucker Up:


FTU Tut:



4 Effects:


Bright Noise:

Fall Melody:



New from Becky P

Tag Templates:

New from Gimptastic!

Wow, Gimptastic is ready for Halloween!  The new layout looks great : )

FTU tut:

Freaky Chic:

Scary Good:

PTU tut:

Go Team (Forum set):

You Make Me Crazy:

Fall Beginnings:

Ghoul Kids Rule:

Me and my Ghoul Friends:

Karma -

Sexy Beautful:

Trick or Treat:


Bite Me:

Care Free:

Scrap Kits:

Gothic Princess Blog Train:


If you love flower and animal scraps, you will love Pat's blog.  She has amazingly detailed work and offers freebies up on her blog from time to time.  I'm adding a few links to her most recent shares...

Roses Freebie:

Zygobell Freebie:

Pretty Rose Freebie:

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Halloween Word Art:

Freebie Scrap Kit:

New from the Creative Chicks

Scrap Kits:

Tag Templates:


Word Art:

New from Sweetpoison!

Poser Tubes:

Cute Melly -

Cooky Franky -

New from Raspberry Roads

Cluster Frames:

New From Lady Dragus

PTU Tut:

Unleashed in Love -

You wanna lick -

Harvest Pumpkin Queen -

Cup Cake Princess -

Fall Colors in my Hair -

Freebie Clusters

My Emo Blue -

Cherry Cuppie -

New Poser tubes from Hexchen

Poser Tubes:

Lil bit girl -

Lil bit Seppel -

I mog di - Lil bit -

New from Elves of Rosegarden

Poser Tubes:

Freebie Scrap kit:

Think Pink -

Friends -

Vacation -

New from the Dolphin's Den

PTU Tut's:

Night Time -

Halloween Magic -

Freaks of the Forest -

Halloween at the Graveyard -

Chasing the Blues -

Sweet Dreams -

Autumn Symphony -

Joy of Halloween -

Autumn Indulgence -

Bits of Halloween -

New Posers from Dic Vic Barnes

Vickie's added several new posers to Page 4 here:

New from Denise's Freebie Digital Scraps

New Scrap Kit:

New from Delicious Scraps

Layered Frame:

NEW BLOG ADDED: Inzpired Creationz Freebies!

Tag Templates:

Vampire Princess -

Goth Heart -

Freebie Scrap Kit:    (includes 10 kits!)   (includes 10 kits!)    (includes 10 kits!)    (includes 10 kits!)

New from Cindy's Tags

FTU Tut:

Bottoms Up -

New From Bits N Bobs

Free CU Scraps:

New from Becky P

Tag Templates:

Freebie Scrap Kit:

New from Gimptastic!

PTU Tut:

Beautiful Memories -

Summer Harvest -

Happy Autumn -

Simpler Days -

Still of the Night -

Azure -

FTU Tut:

Falling for Fall -

Freebie Scrap Kit -