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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Limited time Freebies available from Scrapbook Freebies

If you are looking for great scraps snag up these older PTU kits from Scrapbook Freebies while they are up for free!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Retired Freebie Scrap Kit from Tezza's Dezignz

Tagger Kit:

New from Raspberry Road

Cluster Frames:

New from Melissaz Creations

Free Scrap Kit and Cluster for Fall:

Cluster Frames:

New from LadyD

New Tut: Have a Spooky Day

New from Kleinhexe Posers

New Poser Tubes!

New from Funky Sweet Designs

PTU Tut:  Autumn Melody

PTU Tut:  School Time

PTU Tut:  Burning for You

New from Pewter 7

Shiny Alpha:

Cookie Alpha:

New from Dolphins Den

FTU Tut - Outside the box

PTU Tut - Genie's Delight

PTU Tut - Belly Dancer

PTU Tut - Come Dance with Me

PTU Tut - Dreams Rain

New from Dangerously Delicious

Circle Masks:



Wink -

Fancy -

Facebook Template -




New from Capricorn Caz

Caz has several new Poser Downloads for those who enjoy Poser Tubes!

New from Candy's Treats Tutorials

New Tut:  True Colors

New Tut:  Circles and Stripes

New from BNB Tutorials

Tag Tut:  Babelicious Popsical

New from BeckyP

Tag Tut:

New Taggers Template:

New From Gimptastic!

PTU Tut:  Drop Dead Gorgeous

PTU Tut:  Sail Away

PTU Tut:  Sexy Geek

PTU Tut:  Facebook Famous

The Sweet Tooth Blogtrain!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New from Tasha's Playground

New Tut:

New from Funky Sweet Designs

New Tut:

New from Feeline

Poser Tubes - Fee:

New from Becky P's Creations

Tag Templates:

New Tuts from Gimptastic

PTU Tut - Fabulous:

PTU Tut - Dark Love

PTU Tut - Clementine

New from Louises Dreams

Poser Tubes - Wildcats and Rufus

Monday, August 5, 2013

New from Sweetpoison

Poser Tubes:  Lagoona

Poser Tubes:  Sexy Contessa

New from Raspberry Road

Cluster Frames:

Cluster Frames from Lady Dragus

Desi Sparkles Clusters:

Memories in Blue Clusters:

New from Elves of Rosegarden

Cluster Frame:

Poser Tubes:

Big List of New Tag Tuts from Dolphin's Den

PTU Tag Tut:  Margaritaville

PTU Tag Tut:  Golden

PTU Tag Tut:  Reflection

PTU Tag Tut:  Bruised

FTU Tag Tut:  Fetish

PTU Tag Tut:  Jumped over the moon

PTU Tag Tut:  Pirate Girl

PTU Tag Tut:  Argghhh I'm Out of Rum

PTU Tag Tut  Yo Ho Ho

New from Dic Vic Barnes!

Dic Vic Barnes has a new Poser Page set up here:

New from Denise's Freebie Digi Designs

Scrap Kit:

New from Dangerously Delicious

Tag Template: Sinners

New from Dee

Note:  Dee has a new Template Blog so make sure to bookmark it!

Tag Templates:

New Posers from Cewilja






Miriam Cookie:

New Tut from Candy's Treats

Tag Tut - Birdsong

New from BNB Tutorials

Tag Tut Yoanna Fantasy:

Tag Tut Perla at the Beach:

Tag Tut Rock Star Heidi:

New from Feeline

Poser Tubes:

New from BeckyP

Tag Templates:

New from Gimptastic

New FTU Kit:  Limoncello

New FTU Kit:  Cafe

New FTU Kit:  Married to my Hero Facebook Freebie

New FTU Tutorial:  Dear Edward

New Kite Template:

New PTU Tutorial -

New Taggers Template: